Hey, we get it. We used to be lawyers ourselves. We are well aware that skills training is often the last item on your seemingly never-ending to-do list. (Is it on yours at all? Give it to us straight!) 

Client work! Billables! That's what counts... right?

And yet, there is so much more to building a thriving law practice than keeping up with the latest legal developments in your area of practice. In the long run, you will only be successful if you are a star in business development. If you can broker great deals for your clients. If you're able to communicate clearly and efficiently with them.


So where do you go to develop your professional skills? The offering is overwhelming. It's a jungle out there!

However, are there a lot of workshops out there developed specifically for lawyers by (former) lawyers? Not so much (think: your grandmother's flower patch).

We have accumulated more than 16 years of experience in international top tier firms. We have a (very!) thorough understanding of how law firms work, what clients demand and what requirements modern lawyers need to meet. (Tons, it seems!)

Over the years, we have consistently invested in professional training in business, marketing & communication and we have gathered a significant level of expertise in each of these domains specifically for the legal profession.

Our entrepreneurial spirit has led us to start our own businesses and to share our knowhow with top-notch lawyers like yourself.



Pleasure to meet you! We are Anouck Meier and Stephanie Blommaert. We met at the Brussels bar about a decade ago and have been friends ever since.

Since leaving the bar, we have both started our own businesses in copywriting & content marketing and in legal consulting. We've been serving entrepreneurs in different ways, but we felt something was lacking. 

Our shared vision led us to create a joint project in a world we both know and love. That project is Workshops for Lawyers. 


Stephanie Blommaert

  • has a decade of experience working for firms like Loyens & Loeff and Racine at the Brussels bar where she developed top-notch contracting skills

  • is particularly interested in finance, commercial and corporate law

  • developed in-depth knowledge and skills at KULeuven, Harvard, ULB, Cambridge University

  • is a business coach at Vlerick

  • left the bar to start her own legal consulting firm nonzerosum

  • mom of two feisty boys and loving wife to Tommy

  • became a certified professional coach together with Anouck

  • used to be a dance teacher and still loves the sight of a decent dance floor


  • spent her childhood publishing magazines and thinking she would become a journalist, a writer (fiction!) or prime minister

  • learned a lot about political science, law (and life) at KULeuven, King's College, University of Illinois

  • spent a couple of great years at Sidley Austin and DLPA and particularly enjoyed the juicy details of cartel investigations

  • finally gave into her entrepreneurial dream and started her own content marketing agency Ampersand

  • became a certified professional coach

  • loves travel, Mexican food, running, all forms of creativity, husband Ollie and two munchkins (not necessarily in that order)



What participants are saying about our workshops:


“I had the pleasure to attend both the workshop "Negotiate like a Pro" by Stephanie and the workshop "Elevator Pitching" by Anouck. Both workshops were absolute hits, both in terms of content and format. Stephanie and Anouck master their matter to the last detail. They convey their message in an energetic and interactive way, and also put their audience to work - these are workshops, not lectures.

At the end of the workshop Elevator Pitching I ended up in a pitching contest, in which I could test my newly acquired skills for the first time. That way I got rid of my cold feet immediately!

At the end of both workshops you have sufficient tools which you can use on a daily basis. The infectious enthusiasm with which Stephanie and Anouck tell their "story" also contributes to the fact that the workshops are plain fun!

Highly recommended, in every area.”

- Jens Benoot, Janson Baugniet and NextGen


"Top-notch training! Hands on, will put this to use immediately."

"An absolute must for anyone who wants to contribute anything to our online content. We should make it obligatory!"

"Thank you so much for the interesting training - really useful and to the point."


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