An interactive workshop

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Client meetings are essential to your work as a lawyer.  And much as talking to someone seems easy enough, it can sometimes be difficult to have an open conversation with a client.  This one day workshop teaches you how to connect with clients through active listening and conversation skills.

It's only too easy to become focused on your own objectives.  To represent your client's legal interests you need to gather all necessary information as effectively and efficiently as possible.  This however, can lead you to lose sight of your client's needs and expectations.  They might feel unheard or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of their case.

Few clients enjoy a legal background so all that technical information can overwhelm them.  They may not quite grasp the legal reality of their situation, or feel it is all very unjust.  If we can connect with the client from the start, we improve the course of the relationship.  It makes it easier for the client to be open about their situation and share the information we need to represent them to the best of our ability.  By making a more open, genuine connection with our clients we are able to strengthen our relationship with them for the long term. 


What You'll Learn

During this interactive training, you will learn techniques and strategies for more efficient meetings.  You'll be given the opportunity to test your skills immediately by practising yourself. Topics include:

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  • active listening techniques;
  • how to cope with emotional clients;
  • tools to be used before, during, and after every meeting;
  • which communication style you use;
  • the process for obtaining all the necessary information during a meeting.

Tangible Results

  • practical one-page toolkit which you can use before, during, and after every meeting;
  • numerous tips and tricks that can be applied to any kind of meeting.
  • insight into your communication style and that of the other party;
  • clear understanding of the meeting process;

Your Coach

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Jean-Marc Lauwers is a professional trainer with expertise in communication and leadership. He has travelled across Europe to deliver trainings to law students and young lawyers for the International NGO ELSA. In 2016 he had the opportunity to follow the in-depth curriculum of “School voor Training” from Karen De Galan and is now active as an independent communication and soft skill trainer. His ambition is to help people connect through better listening.

After his master in Law, Jean-Marc worked as a company lawyer for the procurement department of KBC. He (co)negotiated contracts with international suppliers for the KBC Group.

Jean-Marc teaches in English and Dutch.