An Interactive Workshop

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Content marketing has become an indispensable way of finding new clients (and retaining existing clients!). However, in order for it to work effectively, you have to be able to communicate in a client-oriented way.

And this is exactly where so many lawyers go wrong. They have difficulties empathizing with their target audience ("what content can actually help my clients?") and find it difficult to communicate with clients, especially if they aren't necessarily lawyers themselves ("what is the best way to present that content?"). Lawyers who believe blogging doesn't work as a marketing tool have often missed the mark on both questions.  

And that is a shame. Because content marketing in general - and blogging in particular - is one of the best ways to increase your visibility as an expert, to build (new and existing) relationships with your target audience and to generate (hot) leads. Lawyers who know how to blog strategically get the added bonus of a higher ranking in Google, which in this day and age has arguably become more important than any other ranking out there. 


What You'll Learn

  • how to develop a strategy for your content
  • how to write content that actually get read by the right audience
  • what topics to write about (hint: it might be the latest jurisprudence... or not!)
  • how to write in a way that is accessible for non-lawyers (yes, that might mean cutting back on the jargon)
  • how to tackle specific issues for legal content
  • how to create and promote content efficiently with or without a team
  • personal feedback on the content you have written so far and strategic pointers on how to improve going forward



Tangible Results

  • After this workshop, you'll be able to write effectively for your target audience
  • You'll know how to make your posts SEO-friendly (i.e. how to make sure they (and you!) are found via Google)
  • Reach a wider audience and generate more leads with your content
  • You'll be able to apply most of the writing techniques to anything you write - online and offline



Your Blog Coach

Anouck Meier is a former competition lawyer - she spent most of her years as a lawyer in Sidley Austin's Brussels office before taking a deep plunge into the world of marketing and communication. 

Today, she owns the content marketing agency Ampersand. Because of her experience as a lawyer, she has an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of marketing in the legal industry. 

Anouck teaches in English and Dutch. 


Participants Testify

"Top-notch training! Both strategic and practical."
"An absolute must for anyone who wants to write anything for our website. We should make this mandatory."
"Thank you so much for the training of last week - it was extremely interesting - really useful and to the point!"

Average score: 9,6/10.