An Interactive Workshop

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Public speaking skills can provide lawyers a competitive advantage. The ability to make clear, engaging and ultimately persuasive presentations and to deliver them with confidence sets them apart.

And yet a lot of lawyers find public speaking a daunting experience. Unsure about how to deliver a public speech or how to engage an audience, they hide behind a traditional powerpoint presentation.

This workshop is designed to boost your confidence and enhance your credibility as a public speaker. 



What You'll Learn


  • How to make a presentation with great content and delivery, including how to make sure they mutually reinforce one another.
  • Tuning your message to your audience.
  • How to use images to reinforce your message.
  • How to use body language 2.0 and how to tell stories. 

Tangible Results

  • A framework for building powerful presentations and for designing topical presentations.
  • Useful insights to enhance your public speaking skills.
  • The tools to build rapport with any audience. 
  • Personalized and direct feedback from your coach and peers (bring an upcoming speech you're preparing for!).
  • More confidence to get up and speak in front of an audience. 


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Your Coach

Peter Kessels has experience in all positions the legal profession has to offer: legal counsel, judge and attorney-at-law. Until recently - and for almost 15 years - he was the Head of HR of one of the major law firms in Belgium.

Peter also has a passion for teaching, which is reflected by his work as a guest professor in HRM at KU Leuven and Université St-Louis in Brussels, as well as the EHSAL Management School.

All these elements combined make for a solid foundation for giving training and coaching in the legal world.

On a more personal note, Peter is totally crazy about the very unique combination of aircraft carriers, special forces and skiing. Not the most obvious combination, but hey, who wants an average trainer anyway?


Practical Details

  • In-house training
  • Interactive format
  • Small groups of min. 6, max. 12 participants
  • Duration: 3 hours incl. breaks