An Interactive Workshop 


The ability to properly draft and manage contracts has become a skill that is highly valued in daily work life of any lawyer.

Many lawyers have learned to draft contracts by editing and updating already existing precedent documents or 3th party contracts. However, this learning method results in poor drafting which leads to legal risks and finally very unhappy clients.

This workshop will enable you to improve your knowledge of contract law and learn the necessary skills of writing clear and concise contracts. You will learn how to draft contracts more effectively, which are tailored to the business needs of your client and cover their legal risks.  

This workshop includes immediate training in the essential skill of producting well-drafted clauses to be included in your contracts. At the end of the course you should have a better understanding of how to draft, understand and work with contracts, of the building blocks of effective contract drafting and you will be able to recognise the different approaches required for contracts. 

Given the broad experience of the trainer as a business lawyer, this workshop emphasize the link between the business deal and the contract. Wherever possible, the trainer demonstrates how the drafting of a provision affects the business deal, whether by giving one party an unintended advantage or by creating an ambiguity where clarity should prevail.


What You'll Learn

The program includes:


The program includes:

-        Basics of drafting

-        Legal framework of contract drafting

-        Setting up of a contract

-        Use and structuring of various clauses

-        Different contracting styles

-        Practical exercises on contract drafting




Tangible Results


You will:

-        Be able to draft well structured, practical, clear and concise contracts

-        Be able to understand and comment effectively on other lawyers documents

-        Approach drafting of contracts with increased confidence

-        Avoid basic contract drafting errors which invalidate contracts



Your Coach

Stephanie Blommaert is a former transactional lawyer, with expertise in corporate, commercial and financial contracting. She spent almost 10 years at the Brussels bar before starting her own legal consultancy firm.

Her ambition is to provide business-minded legal advice, documentation and management to her clients. She is also active as an executive business coach at Vlerick Business School.

During the past 10 years, Stephanie has developed a thorough expertise in drafting contracts for all kinds of clients both as a lawyer and as a consultant. Stephanie understands why a contract should be drafted the way it is drafted and the impact of certain clauses on the business. 

Stephanie teaches in English and Dutch.


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Practical Details

  • We work in small groups of min. 6, max. 12 participants
  • This workshop can be booked as an in-house training: contact us for more information