Learn how to merge different Excel files and summarise data with pivot tables in this interactive workshop. Keep your data updated in under 1 minute.

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Data, data, and more data.  You find yourselfswamped byExcel files from diverse sources and have no idea where to even begin putting them together. Chances are you’ve consideredjust writing the numbers on a piece of paper and getting out your calculator.  Ah, simplicity!

But what if the numberschange?Your so carefully crafted calculations won’t magically update to reflect these changes. In this interactive workshop we explore the full force and flexibility of Excel and make working with itso simple and straightforward you’ll wonder what all the stress was about. 

We will show you how to gather allyour essential information in a single file and how to summarize this data quickly with pivot tables. Pivot tables are undoubtedly the feature in Excel everyone should know how to use. By creating the correct links between files,you can summarize large sets of dataand keep them updated with just a few simple clicks. Stop wasting time manually correcting your data and start making the most of it.


What You’ll Learn

During this interactive training, you will learn techniques and strategies to negotiate more efficiently and you will be able to test your skills immediately by going into a negotiation yourself. Topics include:

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  • Formula basics: syntax, the use of $- signs
  • Know when to copy formula or only the values
  • The magic of the pivot table

Tangible Results

  • Numerous tips & tricks in Excel
  • Create summaries in under 1 minute
  • How to link back to different files so updated      numbers don’t   mean starting over again
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Your Coach




Céline Tytgadt is a former financial analyst.  For 15 years Céline worked for firms where she managedlarge amounts of data. The more she learned about Excel, the faster she was able to deliver results.  Deciding to delve deeper into the programme, Céline ended up going freelanceso she would be able to share her love for the endless possibilities Excel provides. Her mission is to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks in Excel.

Céline teaches in English & Dutch.