Feedback & Evaluation

Making your team members grow

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People management is the key to success. Investing in human capital is crucial. Making people going the extra mile essential to growth.  Daily truisms that dominate the headlines.  But how exactly do you empower peopleWhen and how do you give them feedback? How do you create an evaluation cycle that works for everyone? And what about bonuses?

On the one hand, employees expect partners to appreciate their hard work and notice the extra effort they make. They want partners to show interest in the work they do and motivate them in their daily job. Employees expect clear targets and goals, and need feedback on their performance to know how they are doing. On the other hand they don’t want a partner to micromanage the office. Employees want to feel confident and empowered to do their job in the way they feel is appropriate. And if they do a great job they want to get the remuneration they deserve.

The crux is striking a balance between empowerment of the employee and involvement of the partner. You have to make your people feel confident about reaching the targets you want them to aim for.


What You'll Learn

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During this interactive training, you will learn the ins and outs of motivating, evaluating and giving feedback. You'll be given the opportunity to test your skills immediately by practising yourself. Topics include:

  • setting SMARTER goals
  • make people GROW
  • motivation beyond remuneration
  • the difference between evaluation and feedback
  • tools to be used during the evaluation cycle

Tangible Results

  • practical one-page toolkit which you can use during an evaluation cycle;
  • clear understanding of different feedback styles;
  • insight into different motivational techniques;
  • numerous tips and tricks that can be applied to any kind of meeting.

Your coach

Jean-Marc Lauwers is a professional trainer with expertise in communication and leadership. He has travelled across Europe to deliver trainings to law students and young lawyers for the International NGO ELSA. In 2016 he had the opportunity to follow the in-depth curriculum of “School voor Training” from Karen De Galan and is now active as an independent communication and soft skill trainer. His ambition is to help people connect through better listening.

After his master in Law, Jean-Marc worked as a company lawyer for the procurement department of KBC. He (co)negotiated contracts with international suppliers for the KBC Group.

Jean-Marc teaches in English and Dutch.

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