boost your growth as an individual, team and organization by strengthening each other with Management Drives

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Human capital

The power is already present in your firm and always available.  It regards your people and their strengths.

Organizations are not machines which deliver products and services at the lowest possible cost. They must be constantly alert to developments in the market, deliver effectively and efficiently and cooperate optimally. People are the most important factor in this. In this workshop for lawyers, we learn how this human capital is used optimally. Once you have insight into yours and each other’s motivators you can optimally deploy each other’s strengths. Cooperation improves and clients receive optimal service. The organization becomes a successful enterprise where people work proudly and energetically.


Improve performance

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You learn how to improve the performance of your company by knowing and using the strengths and energy of your people.

We measure and provide insight into what motivates a person and the team. The methodology we use, “Management Drives”, offers a communal language to enable behavior to be discussed and to use the strength of the team and each individual. And yes, we use a language with colors. There are six colors presented in a matrix.  Each color stands for a style of leadership or organizational culture.


Management Drives theory

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Drives are motivators that predict how a team or person uses their knowledge, skills and competences. The theory of Management Drives is based on the studies of Clare W. Graves (1914-1986). Graves based his theory on Jung and Maslow. The six colors each have their own meaning at organization and team level and for someone’s personal leadership.




Management Drives is unique because it makes a connection between:

  • Organizational development and culture
  • Team development
  • Individual Leadership


“Energize your company” workshop – a one day team session

The workshop session focuses on both the individual and the team.  

You get insight into your drives and behavior and these of your colleagues. We learn to reflect on it, link it into areas of improvement for the team and how to ensure the actual follow up.

The introduction consists of a number of exercises during which people are asked several questions in a quick-fire and light way. The answers to the questions are addressed during the rest of the session and reflect the perceived team culture.

The theory is always handled in a short, concise and practical way. We then move on to the individual profiles as quickly as possible, because understanding and an impression are easier to acquire once people see profiles and can then “recognize” situations and people.

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Based on the theory, we explain the individual profiles. We ask whether people recognize their own profile and their colleague’s profile. Explaining the profiles, recognizing, acknowledging and responding to each other is a group process that, in our experience, occurs very openly and significantly strengthens the mutual bonds.

Based on the individual profiles, we then move on to the group profile. In this part, we always place the individual and the team in the context in which they operate.

A basic team session with Management Drives provides awareness and identifies the desired movement of the team and the members of the team. This always happens concretely, directly, practically and from the positive motivation of the participants.


Your coach: Caroline Huys

More than 20 years of experience as a business advisor, with clients ranging from SMEs to multinationals, from profit to social profit. The first 7 years of my career I worked as a lawyer, specialized in EU matters and international trade law (with probably a quite bizar expertise combination of gambling & bananas). These years were crucial to my later path and defined my passion for companies and their stakeholders, especially management, employees and customers. Everything starts with ambition, a vision & strategy. But without implementation and employees’ involvement there is no company, no growth.  

In 2015 I started my own business company as I believed that a more holisitic view on business, innovation, passion, involvement, development, authenticity, oneness, the connection between people is the future.