An Interactive Workshop 


As a lawyer you are constantly negotiating. The ultimate goal is to get the best deal possible for you and for your client and to be able to walk out of the room knowing you've brokered a good deal for everyone.

However, in order for it to work effectively, you need to have a basic understanding of what a negotiation is all about. Learning how to be an effective negotiator can be challenging which is why a comprehensive toolkit is such a valuable asset.

Walking into an important negotiation with the fundamental knowledge that you know what you are doing means you can focus on the deal instead of worrying about whether you are being outmanoeuvered by the other party.


What You'll Learn

During this interactive training, you will learn techniques and strategies to negotiate more efficiently and you will be able to test your skills immediately by going into a negotiation yourself. Topics include:


Negotiate your way to success

  • The importance of an efficient negotiation
  • A framework and strategy for every negotiation

  • Tools to be used before, during and after every negotiation

  • Which type of negotiator you are

  • A process to obtain information

  • What to do in case of a deadlock



Tangible Results

  • Practical one-page toolkit which you can use before, during and after every negotiation

  • Clear understanding of the negotiation process and its timeline

  • Insight into your negotiation type and that of the other party

  • Numerous tips and tricks useful for every negotiation



Your Coach

Stephanie Blommaert.png

Stephanie Blommaert is a former transactional lawyer, with expertise in corporate, commercial and financial contracting. She spent almost 10 years at the Brussels bar before starting her own legal consultancy firm.

Her ambition is to provide business-minded proactive legal advice and legal management. She is also active as an executive business coach at Vlerick Business School.

Given her background as a lawyer, she fully understands the importance of communication and negotiation skills for the legal business.

Stephanie teaches in English and Dutch.


Participants Testify

"Very hands-on and practical training."

"I already implemented the toolkit the next day and it was a great success." 

"Very helpful insights on my personal EQ as a negotiator. Good to have this as a part of the training!"